Looking at internationalisation holistically in Burgenland, Austria

Teksti | Mia Poikolainen , Kati Saarinen

Burgenland University of Applied Sciences is a partnership institute with Laurea University of Applied Sciences. We got the chance to participate in their international week through the Erasmus + Staff Exchange program and were introduced to the Austrian culture and networking among international colleagues.


The state of Burgenland is in the eastern part of Austria with a population of 288 356. Burgenland is a flat state with windmills and wineries. Eisenstadt is the capital city of Burgenland, with a population of 16,000. The town is famous for the composer Joseph Haydn, who lived and worked in Eisenstadt as a court musician under the patronage of the Esterházy family.

International week in UAS Burgenland

The topic of the international week was looking at internationalization holistically. The International Week was organized from the 30th of April to 4th of May in 2024. The international week attracted 35 participants from 19 different countries and various disciplines. During these five days, we spent approximately 45 hours with our colleagues participating in six workshops, 10 presentations, 16 guest speakers and other engaging activities our host had planned.

Research facility for thermochemical waste treatment project in Pinkafeld campus. Picture: Kati Saarinen

We were introduced to all the fields of education UAS Burgenland is offering on its campuses. UAS Burgenland has a strong practical orientation in its education, and it offers studies to international students as well. We got familiar with their interesting projects with their living labs and laboratories. We started the week by getting a chance to get familiar with other participants in a fun “speed dating” activity. On the 1st of May, which is also a national holiday in Austria, we got a chance to learn from the city and history of Eisenstadt with a guided tour. After the tour, we were taken to the nearby city of Rust, where we enjoyed a nice joint lunch and a city tour. Since Burgenland is known for its wines, there were many wineries to explore. Thursday 2.5. we were introduced to the Pinkafeld Campus, where most of the health care education is located, we had a very interesting and fruitful discussion in a workshop with our host UAS and a few more UASs about developing cooperation, more is to follow about that.

UAS Burgenland offers two master- and six bachelor-level degrees (Physiotherapy, Nursing, Health Promotion, Midwifery, speech therapy and occupational therapy) in health care. Their Nursing curriculum is much like with nursing curriculum in Finland. We were able to visit two of their simulation classrooms and meet nursing students when they were practicing in their ergonomics workshops. They offer most of their theory studies in German, but part is also available in English.


Our goal for this international week was to get insight into internationalization in other countries and scan different opportunities for our students to implement. What types of mobility are our partners providing and how can we lower the threshold to go abroad. The goal was very much achieved already by participating this week and having endless discussions about internationalisation in different countries and organisations. We have many new ideas and cooperations brewing, follow-up meetings agreed upon, and connections obtained. We both very much would like to recommend an international week in UAS Burgenland, the experience was very inspiring.

Picture: UAS Burgenland’s own wine. Picture: Kati Saarinen

Group photo of the participants
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